List of 10 best coffee brand

Coffee is a lot of people’s morning wake-up call and is one of the best-caffeinated drinks to provide you with ample energy for your everyday tasks. While many people think that more or less all coffee tastes the same, this is sadly just a misconception and doesn’t hold an ounce of truth. Coffee beans play an important role in how good and delicious your coffee is going to taste like and well frankly, some coffee brands are just better than others, both in taste and texture.

So we have made a list of the best coffee brands which you should definitely try once. Once you try these coffee brands, you will forget all the other coffee brands forever.

Death Wish Coffee

One of the best coffee brands out there, this brand makes one of the strongest coffee giving you with a hit which is sure to wake you up. It is a perfect blend of beans and combined with a unique roasting technique, it turns out to be the world’s strongest coffee. It is 100% natural and contains a hint of chocolate and cherry making it non-bitter and the perfect coffee to get your morning started. Say goodbye to the groggy mornings now!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Another top coffee brand, this one is an organic coffee brand which ensures that you take in no synthetic substance and is free of methylene chloride while ensuring that it maintains a consistent taste and texture. The roasting process involved here is eco-friendly reducing up to 80% of carbon emissions while making sure that you would taste the pure, unadulterated taste of coffee whenever you have this drink.


This excellent ground coffee brand is most popular in Italy and one delicious of cup of it will help you understand why is this so. This brand pays special attention to every process of coffee making and ensures that you are provided with the most fresh and effective coffee out there. Take one whiff of the coffee by this brand and you would forget all other coffee brands, craving for this delectable beauty every time.

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One of the most known brands of coffee, Caribou offers you with coffee with a unique taste while not compromising with its high-quality texture and taste. Using only the finest and highest quality beans for craft roasting it provides you with one of the finest tasting coffee out there.

Kicking Horse Coffee

This 100% certified organic, fair trade, kosher coffee brand provides you with one of the most mouth-watering, fresh full-bodied coffee flavour making you crave for more by the end of your one sip. This coffee brand uses Arabian beans and as these premium beans are roasted in the Rocky mountain air, it gives it that freshness and makes you feel out of this world whenever you take a sip.


One of the most known brands of coffee, this brand doesn’t disappoint you ever with its variety of coffees which can provide you many options to suit both your taste and occasion making it one of the most versatile brands ever. It provides you with the richest taste and aroma and is bound to leave you more energized and happy by the end your cup.


A great coffee brand which utilizes the highest quality beans and tea leaves to provide you with the most superior coffees and teas available in the market. It incorporates darker roasted Arabian coffee, such as French roast and provides you with an option of freshly roasted beans and in-store brewed coffees. Although it is now available in most corners of US, this brand is particularly used in Starbucks Coffee.


This famous coffee brand was founded in San Francisco and provides you with a consistently rich and pure tasting coffee, in every cup. This coffee brand boasts of its supreme quality which would turn your morning into a more alert business and make Folgers coffee the best part of your waking up.

Café Du Monde

This French original coffee brand was established in 1862 in New Orleans and uses chicory and coffee beans to make the delicious coffee whose aroma and taste are completely different from anything that you have ever smelt or tasted. It provides you with softer edged coffee and adds an almost chocolaty flavor to your coffee making it infinitely more delectable.


This 100% Columbian natural and organic coffee provides you with a coffee that is both rich in flavor and aroma while making sure that they don’t affect the environment. This company was founded in 1988 and has grown exponentially since then as more users find their coffee utterly delicious and satisfying. So if you are looking for some organic and richly flavored coffee to try, this one is the best option for you.

Event Details

Most people pass right on through Hudson because from its main street, US 19, it looks unremarkable in comparison to its neighbors, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Holiday, etc. Yet, once you turn left or right off US 19, you find yourself in a different world from the seemingly endless strip of suburban commercial enterprise you were driving through. West is the waterfront village, and east are the nicely landscaped master-planned communities, such as Beacon Woods. Hudson is a jewel in the rough and recently featured as, nationally, one of the top 3 places in the United States for a vacation home.

  Hudson Seafest 2017

    November 15th, 16th, and 17th

We will be giving the food to our local churches and Families in need this Holiday Season.

5 Reasons to Come to the Hudson Sea Fest

November 16, 2017
Noon-9 pm
Downtown Hudson

1 .Amazing atmosphere

Hudson sea fest guarantees the best atmosphere you will ever find in a sea food fest. With amazing food versatility on the display your tongue is in for an amazing food venture. Good food and good music guarantees an amazing outing.

2. Sea Cuisine Line-up

With an whole different level of fish species and fish dishes on display, it is going to one of the best sea food line-up you will ever encounter in your life. Fishes from all over the world will be on display and definitely will catch your eye.

3.  Live Music

Music is the one thing which turns on soul of every human being. We have an amazing playlist and the awesome music is not going to stop the whole day, so sit back and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

4. Inclusion for whole family

Hudson sea fest invites everyone as there is no age limit for entry in to the Hudson sea fest. Everyone in the family is invited and the fest is family friendly.

5.Beautiful Hudson views

While you will be enjoying the amazing sea food and live music, you will also be presented with the amazing Hudson views and you can contemplate about your life while having good food and listening to soul churning music.



  • White fish (flaky)- Half kilogram cod or mahi mahi
  • Crema (Mexican), handmade or from the market
  • Tomato Salsa- try and use the fresh one
  • Onions- Fine slices (Half red onion)
  • Vinegar- Approximately 1.5 small bowl (use red wine vinegar)
  • Olive oil- Quarter small bowl
  • Cilantro leaves- Little more than a quarter bowl
  • Jalapeno- One, cleaved and stem it before use.
  • Tortillas- Eight (use corn ones)
  • Salt
  • Chilli powder (ancho)- One and a half tsp
  • Oregano (dried)- One and a half tsp
  • Cumin- Half tsp (grinded)
  • Limes- Two in number one-fourth each lemon


Step 1-Marination of the Onion: Firstly the onion should be put in a bowl having small size and then gradually fill the wine (red) to cover it properly. Now this this can be kept idol for a long range of time i.e. a minimum duration of Thirty minutes to many weeks.

Step 2-Marination of the Fish: Now the olive oil is put in a bowl having not a large size and put in it the following contents namely: oregano, cumin, jalapeño, ancho chile powder, cleaved cilantro Now this mixture should be mixed homogenously well. Put the fish on a plate and put the marinade on top of it, ensure that the fish are being covered with marinade on all the sides. Now this mixure should be kept idol for Twenty minutes.

Step 3-Cooking of the Fish: Put a pan over the heat and put the heat on normal to high one, prefer a non-stick pan. Without adding anymore oil, put the previously prepared fish over the pan after heating it. Put a little bit of salt evenly on it. The fish should be fried for Four minutes from one side and two minutes from the opposite side. After it’s cooked, remove and put the fish on a dish and pour the left over marinade over it. Ensure the seasoning is good and the put it aside.

Step 4-Heating of the Tortillas: Moisten 4 tortillas with paper towels a little bit. Now put it in the oven for Forty-Five seconds. Put these tortillas in a deep dish having towel and mask it. Redo this with all the tortillas.

Step 5-Assembling and Serving: Take a large spoon of the fish we just prepared and put it in the tacos. Cover the open end with some onions (marinated). Arrange alongside Mexican crema and salsa.

Use the lime and cilantro sprigs to garnish and serve.



  • Salt- To taste approximately two tsp
  • Oysters: Forty-Eight in number (closed)
  • Monterey Jack cheese- 225 grams (shredded)
  • Clove garlic: Two
  • Salt
  • Black Peppercorns: Seven in number
  • Fine bread crumbs- tbsp.
  • Beer: One and a half bowl
  • Onion (cleaved)- One
  • Clove garlic (crushed): One
  • Milk- Half a bowl
  • Butter: Half a bowl
  • Spinach- Chopped, frozen, thawed and drained, 280 grams
  • Mozzarella cheese- 225 grams (shredded)
  • Grinded black pepper- 1 tsp


Step 1– Firstly the oysters must be cleaned properly and then put into a broad and big pot. Now put it sufficient amount of water and beer so that all the oysters in that pot are fully covered. Now add seasoned salt, two cloves garlic, and peppercorns into this stockpot. Put this container on the heat and on medium heat start boiling the contents of this pot. Put off the heat once the contents inside the pot start boiling. Now remove the pot carefully from the heat. Now this pot should be drained properly and after this step it must be cooled down till the room temperature.

Step 2– Ensure that the oysters inside the pot are brought to the room temperature or cooled. Once it is done, break the shell which covers the oyster and throw it off. Now the oysters should be kept on a baking sheet. Switch on the oven. The oven should be preheated to 220 degree Celsius or 425 degree Fahrenheit.

Step 3– Now put a non-stick pan on average amount of heat and put the butter in it. Wait till the butter fully melts. In to this pan, onion as well as garlic should be added. Properly cook the ingredients of the pan until the onion and garlic becomes tender. Now the heat of the pan should be minimized and put in it the following ingredients namely: Monterey Jack, spinach, mozzarella and fontina. Now let the contents of the pan cook till the time the cheese is melted. The contents of the pan should be continuously mixed and stirred constantly. Now put in the milk in the pan while stirring continuously. Now put the heat off and season the dish with pepper and salt. So much sauce should now be put into each oyster just so that it is full. Now spread the bread crumbs on the dish.

Step 4– Put on the oven and bake till the bubbles start forming and the dish becomes golden. This time is usually Eight-Ten minutes.

Serve hot!


Swai fishes are very peculiar in nature and one of the most difficult to be found. When found they become one of the best and healthy dishes in the world. The tender meat propels us to have more and more. Overeating becomes a phenomenon when we dine while having Swai fish. Swai fish comes in the list of top 10 consumed fishes in the United states.


Swai fish is one the most popular fishes in the United states.Other fish farmers are worried about the popularity of Swai fish. Swai fish has exceeded everyone’s expectations and left other fishes behind in terms of production and popularity.


Swai fish has an amazing taste that creates havoc inside your mouth and inside your brain. The tender and scrumptious taste delights your inner senses and leaves you asking for more. Swai fish when served with right combination of sauces can extract even the morbid foodie out of you. This fish that is why remains in the top of the most consumed fishes in the united states.

History of Swai

Swai fish’s popularity has grown tremendously and catfish farmers have not been able to deal with it and are playing dirty tricks to stop the booming production of swai fish. An full fledged war has begun and its getting dirty day by day. Swai fish is eating up the share percentage and within no time , i guess it will be in top 3 in terms of production and consumption.

The war actually began in 2000 when swai was named differently and sold as catfish in the United states. Later lobbying turned in to Swai fish and the rest is history.

I suggest to have both both Catfish and Swai fish as both are delicious but Swai fish never backs down from a fight, if you know what i mean.