5 Reasons to Come to the Hudson Sea Fest

November 16, 2017
Noon-9 pm
Downtown Hudson

1 .Amazing atmosphere

Hudson sea fest guarantees the best atmosphere you will ever find in a seafood feast. With amazing food versatility on the display, your tongue is in for an amazing food venture. Good food and good music guarantee an amazing outing.

2. Sea Cuisine Line-up

With a whole different level of fish species and fish dishes on display, it is going to one of the best seafood line-ups you will ever encounter in your life. Fishes from all over the world will be on display and definitely will catch your eye.

3.  Live Music

Music is the one thing which turns on the soul of every human being. We have an amazing playlist and the awesome music is not going to stop the whole day, so sit back and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

4. Inclusion for the whole family

Hudson sea fest invites everyone as there is no age limit for entry into the Hudson sea fest. Everyone in the family is invited and the fest is family friendly.

5.Beautiful Hudson views

While you will be enjoying the amazing seafood and live music, you will also be presented with the amazing Hudson views and you can contemplate about your life while having good food and listening to soul churning music.

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