About us

About thirty years ago, the Al Meyer, King Heile, Judy Vincent and their spouses visited a small town, near Cedar Key, just north of us, to get some ideas for a fundraiser. They were having a Mullet Fish Fry. Thus was born the Hudson Seafest.

It started with a simple dream: boost the fortunes of the little fishing and retirement village known as Hudson. So in 1984, Al and Kathy Meyer, King and Beverly Helie, along with Ron and Judy Vincent got together and decided to have a seafood festival… and Hudson Seafest was born.

We began small, at various locations- the Port Hudson Marina, Winn Dixie on US19, the Brown Derby on SR52, the old Cox Lumber, the Outlet Mall and more recently at the USA Fleamarket on US19. It grew to be a favorite and thirty-five to forty thousand people attended annually.

As stated, we used the funds from this event to do great things in Hudson. We had a network of sidewalks built, (we pay for annual maintenance), had street lights installed (we pay power charges), planted two hundred palm trees and get involved with many local charities and give scholarships to worthy youths

For some reason, the economy is one, our group had regressed. Last year we made attempted a smaller Seafest with no success. Now it’s time to make a move and we are doing it NOW! With some new members and a new board and some great ideas, we are determined to rebound and once again, turn the Hudson Seafest into the community leader it once was.

It’s been a bumpy road, and often chaotic, but Hudson Seafest gets better year after year. This year is no exception. Our web site has undergone a small makeover to make it easier for you to browse around. Our entertainment line-up this year will feature exceptional local entertainers that are always crowd pleasers. Our menu features the famous Grouper Dinner, plus many more items to please every palette! Plus we’ll have beverages and desserts, too!

We invite businesses and individuals to join us.