Swai fishes are very peculiar in nature and one of the most difficult to be found. When found they become one of the best and healthy dishes in the world. The tender meat propels us to have more and more. Overeating becomes a phenomenon when we dine while having Swai fish. Swai fish comes in the list of top 10 consumed fishes in the United States.


Swai fish is one the most popular fishes in the United States.Other fish farmers are worried about the popularity of Swai fish. Swai fish has exceeded everyone’s expectations and left other fishes behind in terms of production and popularity.


Swai fish has an amazing taste that creates havoc inside your mouth and inside your brain. The tender and scrumptious taste delights your inner senses and leaves you asking for more. Swai fish, when served with a right combination of sauces, can extract even the morbid foodie out of you. This fish that is why remains in the top of the most consumed fishes in the united states.

History of Swai

Swai fish’s popularity has grown tremendously and catfish farmers have not been able to deal with it and are playing dirty tricks to stop the booming production of swai fish. A full-fledged war has begun and it’s getting dirty day by day. Swai fish is eating up the share percentage and within no time, I guess it will be in top 3 in terms of production and consumption.

The war actually began in 2000 when swai was named differently and sold as catfish in the United States. Later lobbying turned into Swai fish and the rest is history.

I suggest having both Catfish and Swai fish as both are delicious but Swai fish never backs down from a fight if you know what I mean.

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