• Whitefish (flaky)- Half kilogram cod or mahi-mahi
  • Crema (Mexican), handmade or from the market
  • Tomato Salsa- try and use the fresh one
  • Onions- Fine slices (Half red onion)
  • Vinegar- Approximately 1.5 small bowl (use red wine vinegar)
  • Olive oil- Quarter small bowl
  • Cilantro leaves- Little more than a quarter bowl
  • Jalapeno- One, cleaved and stem it before use.
  • Tortillas- Eight (use corn ones)
  • Salt
  • Chilli powder (ancho)- One and a half tsp
  • Oregano (dried)- One and a half tsp
  • Cumin- Half tsp (ground)
  • Limes- Two in number one-fourth each lemon


Step 1-Marination of the Onion: Firstly the onion should be put in a bowl having a small size and then gradually fill the wine (red) to cover it properly. Now, this-this can be kept idle for a long range of time i.e. a minimum duration of Thirty minutes to many weeks.

Step 2-Marination of the Fish: Now the olive oil is put in a bowl having not a large size and put in it the following contents namely: oregano, cumin, jalapeño, ancho chile powder, cleaved cilantro Now this mixture should be mixed homogenously well. Put the fish on a plate and put the marinade on top of it, ensure that the fish are being covered with marinade on all the sides. Now, this mixture should be kept idol for Twenty minutes.

Step 3-Cooking of the Fish: Put a pan over the heat and put the heat on normal to a high one, prefer a non-stick pan. Without adding any more oil, put the previously prepared fish over the pan after heating it. Put a little bit of salt evenly on it. The fish should be fried for Four minutes from one side and two minutes on the opposite side. After it’s cooked, remove and put the fish in a dish and pour the leftover marinade over it. Ensure the seasoning is good and the put it aside.

Step 4-Heating of the Tortillas: Moisten 4 tortillas with paper towels a little bit. Now put it in the oven for Forty-Five seconds. Put these tortillas in a deep dish having a towel and mask it. Redo this with all the tortillas.

Step 5-Assembling and Serving: Take a large spoon of the fish we just prepared and put it in the tacos. Cover the open end with some onions (marinated). Arrange alongside Mexican crema and salsa.

Use the lime and cilantro sprigs to garnish and serve.

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